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Effortless Locker Management

So you can focus on more productive tasks

Locker administration is a lot of work. Tracking who is assigned to which locker. Collecting fees and ensuring every student is given the correct information.

StudentLocker lifts this burden. Our app helps you rent out your lockers seamlessly. Here's how

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Kathryn's Mum, Year 9

Save time, eliminate errors and maximise revenue

We do all the hard work for you

Online reservations

Parents or students reserve lockers online

Collect student and parent information easily


Sign ‘Terms of use’ online

Automatic or assisted allocation of lockers to students

Assign lockers by year group or set up your own arrangement

Locker allocations are emailed directly to student /parent

On the day YOU decide (e.g. on the day before the school year starts), the system will send out locker allocation emails to all locker holders. If you provide locks with combination codes, codes are included in the email.

Administrative burden reduced to near zero

No need to keep track of locker allocations, lock codes or payments

Parents or students enter all details themselves

Secure payments are collected and registered in the system
The app emails locker and allocation details

StudentLocker charges a modest fee per locker hired per year

No hire = no fee

(or a monthly fee if you don't charge)

We process the hire payments and issue receipts to students or parents

We transfer the collected hire fees (minus our fee) to your account at the end of each month

Administrator access enables school office or others to look up and manage lockers online

A secured locker management portal will assist you with looking up details and monitoring locker utilisation


Why use StudentLocker?

Near-zero administration effort for schools and/or P&Cs or Parent Associations
We assist you with the set-up and offer ongoing support
Solidify your locker revenue. For schools or P&Cs this is a passive income that can be used for many good causes
Signing up is free
No need to
  • Collect cash, cheques or manual EFTPOS payments

  • Allocate lockers

  • Keep track of lockers, locks, spreadsheets and payments

Low cost: we charge a modest fee per locker hire


We keep it simple

Signing up delivers a fully functional system. Take as long as you like* to set up your lockers and get ready to hire them out

Free To Test

We can help set up your configuration. We'll upload your locker and lock details for free

Free Set Up

Our fees are calculated based on how you use the system. If you answer a few basic questions we send you a proposal right away!

Save Money

If you do not charge for lockers or if you want to use your own payment method, we charge you a monthly fee.

No Rental?

*After a year we will ask you if you still want to continue


Locks (Management)


Peace of Mind

  • We can manage your existing locks and/or provide new ones

  • Lock combination codes sent to students automatically

  • Lowest prices for your locks with a StudentLocker subscription

  • We can manage your locks for you! How?

Quality locks from:

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Recommended School Lockers

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