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This help guide will show you how to set up your lockers step by step, all the way up to the point you are ready to put your lockers online for rent.

A. Preparation: Gather your info 

B. Set Up the app

  • The Set Up screen

  • General and Financial settings

  • The type of lockers you will rent out

  • What are the areas where your lockers are located

  • Which year groups can reserve lockers and determine restrictions

  • Pricing and dates

  • Create your locker layout

  • Make test reservations

  • Confirm and go live for the new locker year

A. Preparation: Gather your info

Tip: Complete this preparation and keep track of it in a document that can be shared with others and can be referred to at a later stage. To get you on your way, we created a template document. Download it here: 

Financial and commercial information

  1. BSB and bank account number and bank account name: When the lockers are rented out, your income needs to be sent to you. Make sure you have got the correct numbers (when there are mistakes, this will cause issues)! We recommend to make an actual hire purchase to test the money is coming through, before you put the reservations link out. We will remind you about this later.

  2. Are you GST registered? This depends on your organisation. Please check with your financial officer if you need to charge GST for school lockers. P&C's also may need to charge GST despite their charity status, when they have revenue over a certain amount. If you need to collect GST for locker hires, then StudentLocker will collect this GST on your behalf.

  3. Agreement text: When your customers (students and/or parents) hire a locker, you have the opportunity to require them to agree to the terms of hire. You may already have a form with such a text on it, which means you can simply re-use it and amend it so it is appropriate to be used with the StudentLocker app. If you don't have such a text, don't worry, we will be providing you with an example.

  4. Your School Logo: To give the locker hire experience a more familiar feel to your customers, you can add your logo to the app and we won't confuse anyone with prominent StudentLocker branding. Find a .png .jpg or .jpeg file with your logo. You can probably easily save a file from the school website, which will have the logo on it somewhere, otherwise check with the school office.

Information about your lockers

  1. How many lockers do you have? This number is important as we will need to know the number of lockers to hire out.

  2. Locker types: The question is: Do you have more than one type of locker? Locker types differentiate lockers by size, type of lock, features and hire price. Some properties of lockers don't matter if the price is the same, for example colour. Think of good names for each type. For example, if there is a size difference, names such as 'Large' and 'Small' may be appropriate, if there is a different lock type, you can add a descriptor such as ' - key padlock' or ' - combination padlock'. Different locker types are needed when different types of locks are used. Features could be things such as 'Laptop charger', which you would need to include in the name. If you have only one type of locker, then we suggest to call the type 'Standard'. To offer more information to your customers, write down the inside dimensions of each locker type as follows: Width x Height x Depth.

  3. How many of each locker type? Once you know the locker types you have, determine how many you have of each.

Where are lockers and how are they arranged?

  1. Areas: We call the distinct locations where your lockers are located 'Areas'. Areas are determined so that it becomes easier to find a locker. Think of appropriate names for your lockers, such as 'Ground floor, East corridor' or 'North side Assembly area' or 'Block C'.

  2. Layout: We will store the layout of the lockers in the app. First of all this will add more information for people to find a particular locker and it will help with allocating lockers or with enabling self-allocation. See below some example patterns:

Tip: A picture can speak a thousand words. Make photos of your lockers areas showing their configuration. Email the pictures to along with the other information you are sending us.

Which year groups can reserve lockers and when, for the coming school year?

Most schools make lockers available to all 

A. Preparation
Financial and commercial
Information about lockers
Where arel lockers
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