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1. Lockers

As opposed to set-up items and locks, lockers are tied to a school year. So, each year you create a set of lockers, because each year they are reserved for students (and they may vary year on year). With a single click, lockers are 'generated' based on the locker layout. This process is repeated every year.

The lockers screen

Lockers 1.png

Always, first make sure you are looking at the lockers of the correct school year. The year will default to the current year, but  can be changed. In the filter bar you can filter the list by: Locations or Vertical positions. 


You can also search directly for a locker by typing your search in the search box and type 'Search':

  • The locker number.

  • Name or order or reservation number for a reservation (for allocated lockers only).

  • The serial number (for lockers with an assigned lock only).

You can sort the list by clicking on the column headers.

Click on a locker, to open the side-bar.

The side bar contains the following information:

  • Information about the locker, location, type and where it is located.

  • Information about the lock assigned to the locker.

  • Information about the student to whom the locker is allocated.

  • A section which is used to allocate the locker to a student.

  • A section which is used to assign a lock to the locker.

Lockers 2.png

Generate Lockers (for a year)

Each year, you will start with an empty locker list. Follow these steps to populate the list with lockers for a certain year:

  1. Make sure that the Layout is set up correctly. Any changes during the year need to be reflected in the layout. These changes can be removed lockers, added lockers, lockers moved to another location, etc. Refer to the guide about layout set up for more information.

  2. In the Lockers screen, select the correct school year on the top left.

  3. Click 'Generate Lockers'

Assign Locks

Each locker can have a lock assigned to it. This is optional, in many cases no locks are necessary are needed to manage the locker process.

  1. Make sure that all locks are uploaded into the Locks screen.

  2. Click on the locker to open the side bar.

  3. In the Assign Lock section, use the touch pad or type in the box the lock serial number, starting with the last digit, then proceeding with the second last digit, etc.

  4. The list of locks will now narrow down until you can select the lock you want to assign.

  5. Tap or click on the lock to assign.

The assigned lock information will show in the side bar. To remove the lock from the locker, click the broken link icon.

Lockers 3.png
Lockers 4.png

Allocate a locker to a student

Usually lockers are allocated manually to students via the Reservations screen, or are automatically allocated at the time of reservation, however it can also be done in the Lockers screen. Allocation emails cannot be sent from the Lockers screen.


  1. Click on the locker to open the side bar.

  2. In the Allocate to Student section, if needed, filter by year group or enter a search term in the search box to find the student.

  3. Click the Allocate box behind the student's name.

The allocation information will show in the side bar. To remove the allocation to the student, click the remove allocation icon.

Lockers 5.png
Lockers 6.png

Activate / De-activate lockers

If a locker is temporarily unavailable due to it being damaged, inaccessible or you want to exclude it from being available to be allocated, you can de-activate a locker. This means:
  1. The locker cannot be allocated via the reservations form. The system will not include the locker in the count of available lockers to work out how many reservations can be accepted.
  2. In the Reservations screen, the locker cannot be allocated to a student.
  3. In the Lockers screen, you can still allocate the locker to a student (this could cater for special scenarios you may encounter).
  1. In the Lockers screen, click on the locker to open the side bar.

  2. Toggle the Active switch, to either activate or to de-activate the locker.

Lockers 7.png

Note: In some browsers the Active switch will look like a check box

2. Reservations

Possible reasons for manual reservations: You have types of lockers that you do not want to be available for reservations online. You have full control over whose reservations are accepted. You can enter reservations manually via the Reservations screen and let the app send a payment request email. In the email there will be a link which, when clicked, will open a payment screen. The payment will be done online and the reservation will be updated to reflect the payment.

Enter a manual Reservation

In the Reservations Screen, click Manual Reservation

Enter Manual Reservation 1.png
Enter Manual Reservation 2.png

In the side-panel, enter the reservation data:

  1. Order Number: Keep your own numbering system for manual orders. This will help you to keep track of how many reservations you have entered.

  2. Parent First and Last Names.

  3. Student First and Last Names.

  4. Select the Year Group.

  5. Select the Locker Type. This should update the Locker Price on the form.

  6. Enter a valid Email Address. All emails regarding the reservation will be sent to this address.

  7. Enter a Phone Number of the customer so you can contact them when needed.

  8. The Locker Price should have populated when the locker type is selected. If you do not charge a fee, the price should be zero and you should tick Paid.

  9. Tick Paid if you do not want to charge a fee or if you have accepted payment already. Do not tick Paid if you want to collect a payment.

  10. Tick Send Payment Request if you want to collect payment. An email will be sent to the address entered above.

  11. Click Save.

Payment Request

Enter Manual Reservation 4.png

A message on your screen confirms that the email with payment request has been sent. If you want to send the request again, access the reservation, tick Send Payment Request and click Save.

The Reservation will show in the Reservations screens with a clock icon to indicate that payment is pending.

Enter Manual Reservation 3.png

The Customer clicks the link in the Payment Request email and pays for the Locker.

Enter Manual Reservation 6.png

The clock icon will no longer appear in the Reservations Screen. Also, in the side-bar, when accessing reservation details, the Paid checkbox will be ticked.

Enter Manual Reservation 5.png

Allocate a locker manually

Manual locker allocations may be needed in certain cases, for example when a special requirement exists or in case you need to ensure the correct locker is allocated to a particular student. When reservations are entered manually, you may also want to manually allocate a locker, although you can use the automated processed for this.
Manual Locker Allocation 1.png

In the Reservations Screen, click on the Reservation you want to allocate the locker to.

In the side-bar on your screen you will now see the reservation details.

  1. Scroll down to reveal the Select a Locker section

  2. A list of lockers available for allocation is shown

  3. You can narrow down the list by selecting an Area

  4. You can narrow down the list by selecting a Vertical

  5. Once you have determined which locker you wish to allocate, click on the locker number or the square next to the locker number.

  6. The locker is now allocated.

  7. To send an email informing the customer of the locker allocation, click Send Allocation Email. Alternatively, you can click the envelope icon in the list to send the email.

Manual Locker Allocation 2.png
Manual Locker Allocation 4.png

Remove a locker allocation

You can remove a locker allocation. Please ensure that if an locker allocation email was already sent, that you inform the customer of the change.

  1. In the Reservations screen, find the reservation in question.

  2. Click to open the side bar for more details.

  3. Click Remove allocation.

Manual Locker Allocation 3.png
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